What is Roku box and How does it Work

To simply explain what is Roku box and how does it work, it is a device that lets you watch all your favorite TV shows, live shows and movies using the internet. Live streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube and many more are available on Roku are placed just like how apps are placed on smartphones.

Roku box is the easiest way to stream videos to your television. It is a 6-inch square device that is compact and can be used to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows through channels. They are simple to set up and easy to use. You need not stick with the cable companies as they cannot offer you with a broad range of television options.

What is Roku?

  • Roku is a digital media player that will allow you to watch all your favorite TV shows, movies and entertainment.
  • This is like a DVD player but just that you don’t have to use CD’s to watch your favorite videos.
  • Roku has the ability to give you access to the biggest content provider on the planet.
  • Roku boxes are affordable, versatile and very easy to install (Roku.com/link) and use.
  • All the Roku devices come with a very simple remote.
  • The Roku remotes come with options like voice search where you can search your favorite channels using voice commands.
  • The headphone jack helps the users to listen to all your favorite videos privately.
  • The gaming buttons will help you use your gaming consoles easily.

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How does Roku work?

  • Roku works on internet connection be it wired or wireless connection
  • You will have to connect your Roku device to your TV’s HDMI port
  • The device itself will guide you through setting up internet connection
  • You will also be given instructions to setup a Roku profile and account
  • Open a Roku account to access all content on the media player
  • Use the Roku remote to navigate through the menus and select the programs.
  • Roku works by downloading the videos from the internet and displaying them on your TV

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