Terms and Conditions

Accept and adhere to the Terms and Privacy policies and privacy policies. This step is important before activating or accessing any of our services. It’s important to get a clear understanding of these policies.Privacy policies being an integral part of Terms and condition explains the data collection methods and types of documents collected.Let us provide you a few updates here on the policies and regulations that we follow

Our objective

As an independent service provider, we are committed offering quality and timely support to the customers who reach us and this is the reason why customers contact us. If you are Roku gadget user, reach us for device setup, account creation, troubleshooting and much more. Reach out to our customer support for assistance. Not to mention, we have a team of qualified techies to answer the queries and concerns that you have.

What are the Rules and regulations that we follow?

  • To use the website and to post the articles on our web page, we follow the guidelines set by the concerned judicial authorities. Suggest the users to read and understand the regulations.
  • It’s not recommended to use the information posted on our web page for personal use and copyright regulations plays the role here.
  • In the event of any misuse or threat that arise, the users who involve in such activities will be penalized as per the Legal regulations.

User Responsibility

Website authorities and users share equal responsibility to accept and adhere to the regulations

Policies to cancel your service

Customers can cancel the acquired service any time and the charge back policies are followed as per the requirements

Reservation of rights

Website authorities have the Rights to change and update the policies any time and these changes will be updated regularly on our web page.For more updates on Terms and conditions and Privacy policies that we follow, suggest you to refer the guidelines and articles posted on our web page.