Check the New Roku Ultra 4660

Invest in the new Roku ultra 4660, which is about to be rolled out soon. Priced at approximately $100, this piece of instrument comes equipped with

  • The 4K & HDR support at up to 60 fps
  • A nice 10/100 Ethernet jack
  • Handy USB port
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Voice remote with headphone jack

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New Roku Ultra 4660

The Features and Specs to check out before you head out to buy the new Ultra 4660:

  • Check out the Brilliant 4K, along with HDR, and HD streaming on the new Roku ultra 4660
    • The picture quality is an absolute rush of amazing 4K and vibrant HDR picture quality.
  • Enhanced performance through the Quad-core processor
  • Quicker responsive interface and efficient search results
  • Flawless gaming and streaming at an unbelievable speed
  • USB port and microSD card slot facility for more efficiency which allows users play video from memory cards and USB drives.
  • Smartphone can be used as fully functional remote control
  • Facility to send video, music, and photos to your TV through the Roku mobile app.
  • Great wireless connectivity with a built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi Ethernet connection facility

What can you expect when you get this streaming device?

  • The Roku Streaming Media Player perfectly packaged
  • An Advanced remote for the remote functioning facility. You can alternatively use your Roku mobile app for the same purpose.
  • Two AA batteries to be inserted into your remote control (
  • Separate Headphones for private listening mode
  • A Power adapter for connection

Get connected to all your favorite TV shows and movies through the new Roku ultra 4660. With options close to more than 2,500 channels, you know you are in for a ride with a Roku player.

The new Roku OS 8 will be the installed version, you will find all the new Roku product lineup launched. Keep reading this space for more information and updates on Roku products. For more help, you can reach the toll-free lines +1-855-626-1730.