Roku Streaming Stick Plus

Roku streaming stick plus (, one among the latest streaming devices is launched under Roku streaming device Platform. Features of the device are quite amazing and had achieved a top place in the Market. An active Internet Connection with better speed is essential for streaming the Device.

Best Features Of Roku Streaming Stick Plus

Handy Remote With Infrared Emitter

  • The device comes with the new and handy remote which has a built-in Infra Red emitter which controls the TV volume and the Power. Microphone that comes with the Remote has options for voice recognition and supports 4K, 4K HDR video resolution
  • Comfortable Matte Finish of the remote is quite easy to handle

Buttons On The Remote To Provide Easy Navigation

Back, Home, Quick Rewind, Play/Pause Button, Fast Forward Button, Dedicated Buttons For Netflix, Hulu, Sling Tv And Play Station Vue are located on the handy remote and are quite easy to Operate

Excellent Memory Space

When compared with other Roku streaming devices, the cost of Roku streaming stick plus is quite affordable. The device has outstanding RAM and is more powerful

DUAL BAND 802.11AC is being used by both Roku streaming stick as well as Roku streaming stick plus and weighs around 3.5 ounces.

A Wifi Boosting Cable supplied with the device improves the strength of the wireless signal

2 AAA BATTERIES are required to operate the device. The product dimensions vary from 3.7*1*1 inches. The Advanced wireless receiver used provides you the signal strength of around 4X

Remote Finder, the gaming buttons, headphone jack, micro SD, USB and the Ethernet Ports are also available and are the other best Features of Roku streaming stick plus

It is also possible to use Roku app with the best features like Private Listening and the Voice search

Amazing Picture Quality

The streaming device comes with amazing Picture quality and a smooth streaming experience is obtained

Streaming Capacity Of Around 500.000 Plus Movies

Supports streaming of around 500.000 plus movies and the TV episodes and an active Internet Connection is essential for obtaining High speed and UN interrupted streaming

Customizable Interface

Plug in the television and the device automatically detects the connection. Huge app selection and the customizable interface deliver the excellent Performance. The robust search feature available helps to search your Contents with excellent speed

Attractive Design

Design Features are quite attractive and arrive with smooth and shiny texture.

The Mini USB connection available automatically powers the device when the Power level is extremely Low

Roku streaming stick plus device thus becomes a challenge to other streaming devices introduced by Apple, Amazon, and Google and no doubt the Roku streaming device is the best among all.

To activate the Roku streaming stick plus Device, an active Internet Connection, Roku account activated with the help of a Roku activation code is essential. More instructions on activating the Device and Linking the device to the Roku account is provided on our Official website or toll-free number +1-855-626-1730. Assistance and guidance can also be obtained with the help of network team available.