Roku Spotify app – How to add it to your Roku account

The Roku Spotify app is a music video and podcast service. The music channel is based out of Stockholm and is available across many countries such as America, New Zealand, Australia and a few countries in Asia and Europe.

Features of the app

  • The channel acts as a distribution service for music albums which include audio and video
  • It is available on a subscription basis
  • The membership plans for subscription include Spotify Premium and Spotify Family
  • Browse for music tracks and music videos categorized under various genres
  • The genres available include artist, genre, album, record label and playlist
  • With the rokuSpotify app, you will be able to share music tracks and playlists to your social media accounts
  • Some special buttons on the app allow users gain a varied experience with the channel
  • The FOLLOW button allows users to see what a celebrity or a friend is listening to or watching through the channel
  • Similarly, the DISCOVER button allows users to gain information on new releases, reviews and concert recommendations
  • The HOME start page has the ability to give recommendations for music that are similar to the music that you frequently listen to
  • The weekly playlist feature allows users to listen to a custom-made playlist for two full hours
  • The channel has set some streaming records for some of the most popular artists

Roku Spotify app

Adding the Spotify app to your Roku account

  • Use the LINK A DEVICE button to link your Roku player to your account (
  • For adding a subscription channel, select the ADD CHANNEL WITH A CODE option
  • Enter the respective channel’s code and select the ADD CHANNEL option
  • You will be asked to enter your PIN before making a purchase
  • Enter the PIN and select the subscription type as monthly
  • Since your payment information is linked with Roku, the subscription fee gets automatically deducted from your account

Adding the Roku Spotify app from your TV

  • Use your Roku TV remote or the remote app to access the Roku channel store
  • Select the MUSIC genre and in the SEARCH CHANNEL search box enter the keyword “spotify”
  • The spotify app will appear in the search results
  • Now, select the ADD CHANNEL option available beneath the channel’s icon
  • Provide your card details when prompted and follow the onscreen instructions to add the channel to your Roku device

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