The Best Roku private Greek channels

Add the Hellenic TV one of the best Roku private Greek channels to your player’s platform. Moreover, these channels are broadcast from London, Greece and Cyprus. They bring to your homes a true essence of the Greek culture.

Some of the Greek channels are:

  1. Hellenic TV1
  2. HTV Music
  3. ERT World
  5. Hellenic E4
  6. HTV Teleasty
  7. Hellenic Vouli
  8. RIK Sat
  9. Hellenic NRG
  10. Plus TV
  11. Hellenic Mega
  12. Capital
  13. Hellenic Sigma

Read on further to learn about each of these channels in detail.

Best Roku private Greek channels

Hellenic TV1

  1. To start with, this is the first of all channels in the Hellenic platform
  2. The channel was the first broadcast in 2012 with a mere 3 hours per day
  3. Later on, it became a 24-hour channel
  4. You can enjoy serials from Greece and Cyprus
  5. Also, they telecast their own productions and then, a movie every night

HTV Music

  1. The HTV Music channel is currently broadcast from London
  2. The channel emphasizes the local musical talents from the Greek community
  3. Also, it works alongside the MAD channel to telecast 24/7 content

Enjoy music meant for the community only on Roku private Greek channels.

ERT World

  1. Now, watch shows from local Greek channels such as ET1 and NET
  2. Also, the channel telecasts programs from different genres
  3. Stream sports, soaps, movies and news at any time of the day
  4. Moreover, the channel also broadcasts special documentaries


  1. KONTRA is a typical news channel that telecasts news, political debates
  2. Besides, they have some famous reality shows and telemarketing shows for you
  3. Call our toll free support number to know how to add this channel to your Roku account

Hellenic Vouli

  1. You should definitely add this channel to Roku if you have a political inclination
  2. Watch live updates from the Greek parliament(
  1. Besides, the channel telecasts BBC documentaries and debates when the House is not sitting
  2. You can also stream National Geographic programs suitably adapted in Greek

And, it is considered one of the most happening Roku private greek channels


  1. This is one of the official channels of the state of Cyprus
  2. You can stream local and international news on this channel
  3. Additionally, they broadcast documentaries and serials in Cypriot dialect
  4. Nonetheless, add this channel today and stay in touch with your homeland

Hellenic Mega

  1. The Hellenic Mega is one of the most famous Greek channels
  2. It is broadcast from Cyprus also, is a privately owned channel
  3. For instance, you can stream serials in both Greek and Cypriot dialects
  4. However, this channel is available only on the Hellenic platform

So, go ahead and add the Hellenic platform to your Roku today. Enjoy the best Roku private greek channels here in the United States of America. Visit our hub or contact us at +1-855-626-1730 and get the assistance of our expert technicians.