About the Roku 3 vs Roku 1

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How does Roku 3 fare?

  • Roku 3’s main advantage over other Roku models could be attributed to its speed.
  • There are faster apps loading and zipping around menus which feels effortless, with top-notch feature like the universal search.
  • Roku 3 has direct casting feature on Netflix and YouTube apps on a mobile device, to the screen, which is quite similar to Google’s Chromecast.
  • It comes with a nice remote
  • The device has a built-in headphone jack for private listening, which is quite a relief to stream without disturbing anyone.
  • The Roku 3’s USB port is used for music and video. Plug and play through an attached drive (Roku.com/link).
  • Use the SD card slot to install apps. This is good when you require more internal memory space.
  • With pretty good motion control and gaming capabilities, the Roku 3 fits all the boxes, along with an Ethernet port for direct connection.

Roku 3 vs Roku 1

If you are using a Roku 1

  • Roku 1 is a low-cost streaming player, which does its job effectively.
  • The box doesn’t come with added essentials like the headphone jack remote, or the bonus ports, and a compact design.
  • The biggest practical advantage of the Roku 1 is the price advantage it has over other models.
  • Roku 1 supports the sports analog video jacks which is great as this will help the device to work with any TV set.
  • Roku 1 works decently, at a lower price, and is an absolute value for money.

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