Find the Roku 2 Tips and Tricks

Avail of our Roku 2 tips and tricks to obtain good quality streaming. All you need to do is to visit our website.

Option to rearrange the streaming Channels

  • Add the streaming channels and it will be automatically rearranged on your Home screen
  • Now, start streaming your Favorites
  • Select the Channel from the Channel List

Add New Theme To The Home Screen

  • To add a new theme to the Home screen, go to the settings, Theme
  • Also, Find the Theme category which is the latest
  • Now start streaming your favorites with the new theme

Use Your Mobile Device As The Remote

  • To use your Mobile Device as the Remote, Download the Roku Mobile app for Android and IOS devices
  • Then, browse, start and add the channels
  • Together with Roku2, the app also supports other streaming devices like Roku3, Roku 4, Roku streaming stick and a few more

Note: Similarly, you have a lot more features and several Roku 2 tips and tricks to make the streaming much easier.It is equally important to check the Working status of your Device and Wireless and wired Network settings before you start streaming.

In Addition, Use The Voice Remote To Search The Contents

  • Find the latest Roku devices that arrive with the Remote with Voice search, Buttons to use the Voice search Options
  • Besides the above features, you also have other tips like Screen Mirroring.
  • In any event, if you find any issues to understand the Roku 2 tips and tricks, Get assistance and support from the network support team

Screen Mirroring

  • Screen Mirroring is the method used to mirror the Contents from your Streaming device to other Devices such as Roku TV
  • Enable screen mirroring on your Device to mirror the contents to any other devices

 Expand the Storage Capacity

  • Also, try expanding the storage capacity of the Channels
  • Delete the unwanted Channels
  • Add Private Channels to Enjoy More Contents
  • Here is how you can add the Private Channels
  • Sign in to your Roku account (
  • Then go to the My Account Page
  • Next, add the Private Channel from Manage Account Options

 In brief, enjoy the features of your Roku to have a wonderful streaming Experience with these tips and tricks. Visit our website to find more Roku 2 tips and tricks. Then Dial the toll-free number at +1-855-626-1730 to know more.