How to Access Private Channels on Roku 3

Many users often post a query on how to access private channels on Roku 3? Read this article to understand about private channels, which are available for free streaming. If you want the access codes, speak to our customer care agents to help you to access private channels on Roku.

A quick peek into Private Channels

  • These are few hidden channels which are still in development stage.
  • Contact the developer, if you want to stream a free private channel.
  • You can access these free secret Private channels which streams the best movies and Tv shows for free.
  • Roku channel store does not display these channels. Hence you have to add these channel apps manually.
  • Click on the Add Channel button on the private channel you wish to install and stream for free.

Use these steps to add private channel to your Roku 3

  • Since Private channels are not listed in the Roku store, browse about the channel contents before adding it to Roku 3.
  • Now, Log into your account at the Roku site.
  • After login, search for the option which says private channel.
  • Now, select the option which says “Add a private channel.”
  • Keep the code for the channel ready. For channel codes, call us for assistance.
  • Then, Enter this private channel code in the space box.
  • You can also add this code to the index of private channel codes.
  • Wait for a period of 24 hours for channel activation.
  • Post 24 hours, the private channel shall appear on your home screen.
  • You can also see the channel in the “My Channels” list in the Roku Channel Store (

Some of the free channels to stream movies, videos or TV shows on Roku 3

  • Vegas Life TV
  • Hmong TV Network
  • Nowhere TV
  • NHK World
  • Jhanjar TV
  • Silent Movie Channel
  • Roku Movies
  • MaddyMation
  • Mango Mobile TV
  • Gem City Sports Network
  • Disney
  • Sunimi
  • Russia TV,
  • PressTV
  • PlayOn
  • BYUtv
  • Nowhere TV
  • HGTV
  • Fox Business
  • Picasa Web
  • PBS
  • CBS Sports
  • HSN
  • Nasa HD
  • TMZ
  • Viddler
  • Fandango

For more updates on how to access private channels on Roku 3 in this space, call us at the toll-free lines.