Privacy Policy

Privacy policy explains the data collection methods and types of documents collected, recommend the users to read and understand it before activating the service offered. Documents or information are gathered as it’s required to activate the services. Let us explain to you what are the documents or information that we collect

  • Personal data – Include the Name, Email ID and the Password
  • Private information such as Bank account and credit card information
  • Device and Error reports-  These documents will have the required information about the device features and specifications, the reason and cause of Error and much more
  • Plan orders and service plans- Required as you activate any of the services offered and will be collected either via Email, Chat or Phone calls
  • Location information is also required sometimes and will be collected

Why do we follow the judicial Regulations?

Judicial regulations are incorporated to secure the data or information confidential and No data or information will be shared with the Third-party authorities. If any requirement arises, the data will be handed over to the judicial authorities. This will be with the prior consent of the Customers. It’s the Copyright regulations that help to prevent the misuse of Data or information posted on our web page.

Data collection methods

We collect the required data from the customers via Email, Phone call or chat.


Under no circumstances, our website authorities are liable for the Misuse or misinterpretation or Misuse. Legal regulations are incorporated to prevent the Copyright issues

Cookies – Enable the settings and will be useful as you download the required documents from the webpage. These settings will also help to improve the website traffic

User responsibility– Users are responsible to safeguard the Personal and Private Information.Offering quality and timely support for device setup and troubleshooting is always our objective and vision

Agreement – Accept and agree to the Privacy policies and you can accept the services

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