The News 12 Networks

The News 12 Networks is a collection of regional channels in New York City that is maintained by Altice USA. The channels under this network shall provide you with rolling news coverage 24 hours a day that focuses on regions of the metro area side. This dedicated news channel shall mostly cover news around the New York tri-state area. The News 12 app is available on Roku, and it is absolutely free for Optimum, Xfinity, Charter, and Spectrum users and includes Service Electric System along with the app that you receive. In this blog, we are about to discuss on how to watch news 12 on Roku and activation of News 12 via

News 12 On Roku

  • At first, News 12 channels are available only for the pay TV subscribers or else it can be locked
  • Moreover, the channel is available for Optimum customers and also for the subscribes those you receive News 12 via Spectrum, Xfinity, Charter, etc
  • After the subscription, the users get access to contents like Covering Long Island, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Western Connecticut, the Hudson Valley, New Jersey, and Westchester Country
  • Using this app, you get information about the local news, weather, traffic around the Ne York city
  • Similarly, you can download this channel from the Roku channels tore and get it activated via
  • Get this app on your Roku device and get all the outpourings around you

What Does The News 12 Channel Offers? - how to watch news 12 on Roku – how to watch news 12 on Roku

This News 12 channel offers you with the below contents:

  • Firstly, it can live stream of all the news 12 channels and provide you with up to date happenings in the New York Tri-state
  • Secondly, you get regular updates on the climatic condition at your location and the traffic at your area
  • Finally, it also offers weather forecasts of the universe, default temperatures and storm coverage on your device
  • Download the app, get the code Roku and activate it via

Who Are The Participating Cable TV Providers For News 12?

Here is the shortlist of the participating cable TV provider of News 12:

  • Optimum
  • Spectrum
  • Verizon FiOS
  • Xfinity
  • Service Electric

You have to reach the, choose your pay TV provider from one of the above, input the code, and activate the app. This how you will select the cable TV provider to get the app on Roku.

How To Download News 12 App On My Roku Streaming Device?

Make use of the line by line instructions below, to download the News 12 app on your Roku streaming device:

  • At first, you have to reach the Roku channel store by using the Roku remote
  • For that, hold the Home button on the Roku remote to get the Roku Home screen on your TV
  • After that, scroll to the left side of your screen and move in to the Roku app store
  • Reach the News and Weather category to search for the News 12 app
  • In the streaming services area, search for the News 12 app among the popular streamers
  • Moreover, if you don’t find it there, then reach the Find bar of the channel store
  • Secondly, input the name of the channel store in the Find bar and wait for the results
  • Similarly, get the app and check for the channel information on your device
  • Thirdly, choose the News 12 app and select the Add channel option and press the OK button on your remote
  • The News 12 channel will download on your Roku device
  • Now, get back to the Roku home store and check for the channel addition
  • The News 12 app will be present among the streaming services of your Roku device
  • Launch the app on your Roku device and get the code and start with the activation process

How To Activate News 12 Channel On Your Roku Device Via

Simple and easy guidelines to activate News 12 on Roku streaming device via

  • Firstly, after downloading the News 12 channel on your Roku device, access the app
  • This accessing of the News 12 app shall give a code 
  • Now, open a web browser and visit
  • Moreover, in in to your cable TV provider
  • Next, choose the cable TV provider from the pull down list via
  • After that, provide the code in the text box in
  • Check twice for the correct activation could before entering
  • Finally, click the Activate Now or Submit button
  • And this will begin the process of activation News 12 channel via

How To Solve The Activation Error Of The News 12 Channel On Your Roku Device?

Follow the guidelines below to avoid the activation errors of News 12 channel on your Roku device:

  • At first, make sure that you are entering the correct code in the activation text provided in
  • Moreover, the code is valid only for a short period, and it also gets expired within that limited time
  • So before you could enter the code, check whether the code is valid or run of time
  • As this can be a major reason for the activation error
  • Secondly, you must check for the network connection
  • At times a faulty network connection can lead you to activation errors
  • Check for the network connection on your Roku device by reaching the settings of the device
  • Make sure to to check your wireless network and also the performance of a reset can be recommended
  • Now, key in the code and check for the solution
  • Also, check for the cable connections of your Roku device, and at times this can be a significant reason for the error
  • Log in and log out from the app and check for the solution
  • Thirdly, make use of another web browser or search engine and use the 
  • Input the code correctly without any mistakes
  • Some times the site downfall can prevent you from the activation process
  • Finally, check to reload the page or verify if the site is under maintenance
  • These guidelines can solve the News 12 activation errors

If you want further details on or want to know how to watch news12 on Roku, then feel free to contact our professional support squad @ +1-855-626-1730 or visit for their guidance.