Local News Channels on Roku Player

If you are staying home and wanted to get to know about the happenings on your location? Here are the local channels that are available and steps to activate the local channels.

Available Local News Channels

  • CBS all access
  • News ON
  • Haystack tv
  • Local now
  • WGN Chicago
  • KHOU Houston
  • FOX 25 Boston
  • WSB Atlanta

How to Watch Local Channels on My Roku?

You can get the local channels via many streaming services. As many streaming services support the local news channel. They are Fubo tv, Hulu with live tv, sling tv and YouTube TV.

Watch Local News Channels and Weather Report

Watch Local News Channels and Weather Report

CBS All Access

If you wish to get the local news from the CBS all-access, you can get the 150 live and local channels. But you need to pay for the monthly subscription for this channel

News On

This channel offers live and on-demand local newscasts. You can get the news clips from 170 + markets. On this channel, you can get whatever location you need to know from the country. And the additional thing about this channel is available for the free of cost

Haystack TV

This channel is also available on the free of cost. On this service, you can get more than 200+ tv channels. Additionally, on this channel, you can pick the location which you prefer and stream the news from that particular location

Local Now

On this channel, you can get the local weather, traffic, news, and sports. You can get the information over 200 location across the country from this channel. If you wish to view this channel, you can enjoy the free trial for 30 days, and later you need to provide the tv provider login credentials to enjoy this channel.

Other ways to get the News and Weather Reports on Roku

If you surf the news and weather on the Roku channel store, you can get many local channels. Even 100+ local channels are free of cost on Roku. Some of the local news channels are WGN Chicago, KHOU Houston, FOX25 Boston, and WSB Atlanta.

How Do I Get the Local News Radio on the Roku?

There are two channels which bring the local news from your home town. One is the iheart radio, and the other is the TuneIn .this channels are available for free on the Roku. You can listen to the news from your local station, sports, radio, music, and podcasts, etc.

How Do I Get the News and Weather Reports on Roku?

If you are particular in streaming the weather reports on the Roku, here are some of the channels which support the weather reports

  • Weather nation
  • The weather network

To talk about these two channels, they are available free of cost on the Roku. They offer the local weather forecasts report and also telecast the weather report for every one hour. Additionally, on the weather nation, you can stream the contents for live 24*7 on the Roku device

What Are the Steps to Activate the Local News Channels on Roku?

Needed credentials

  • Roku device
  • Tv provider login credentials
  • Roku account credentials
  • Stable network

Steps to Activate the Local News Channels on Roku

  • Power up the Roku device using the power cables
  • Then establish the network to the Roku device
  • Sync your Roku device and the Roku account
  • From the home page move to the Roku channel store
  • Search for the required news channel
  • After getting the news channel, tap on the add channel option
  • Once this is done, generate the channel activation code
  • Surf to the channel page and activate the channel
  • Only some channel requires the activation code
  • For some channel only downloading is enough to stream the channel
  • In some cases, you need to provide the tv provider login credentials to stream the content
  • Provide the needed credentials and activate the channel
  • Refresh the home page and check whether that their channel icon is visible on the apps list

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