About the Disney+ Roku TV

Disney+ is the on-demand streaming channel. This channel is launched on November 12, 2019. The parent company of this channel is Walt Disney. This channel gives us many interesting content like Marvel, National Geographic, Pixar and Star Wars. There are many original films and television series that are provided on the Disney+ channel. The Disney+ channel is served in the United States, Canada, Netherland, Australia, and New Zealand. Disney+ is best for entertainment and is giving its best to entertain the people. The Disney channel is available on the many streaming devices. To add the Disney+ is the simple process. You can just add the channel to the Roku channel store. but there is also some Roku device which does not support the Disney+.

Streaming Device

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Samsung
  • On the computer
  • On Android as well as the iPhone

Popular Disney+ Originals

  • Star wars the Mandalorian
  • Disney high school musical the musical series
  • Lady and the tramp
  • Noelle
  • Marvel hero project

Popular favorites

  • Iron man 3
  • Captain marvel
  • Disney Moana
  • Toy story 3
  • The Simpsons
  • The lion king

Compatible Roku device

  • All Roku TV
  • Roku Premiere and Premiere+
  • Streaming stick
  • 4k Roku ultra LT
  • Roku streaming stick
  • Express and Express+

Disney Plus on Roku TV

To add Disney+ on Roku TV, you can do it by activating the channel from the channel store. It is not so complicated and difficult process on the Roku. The combination of the Disney Plus on Roku serves as the double enjoyment for the customers

How to get Disney+ on Roku TV

How to get Disney+ on Roku TV

How To Watch Disney+ on Roku TV?

Credentials Needed

  • Roku device
  • User name and password for the Roku account
  • Wireless network

Gist about the Disney+ Activation

  • Login to the Roku account
  • Navigate the page to the Roku channel store
  • Search for the Disney+ channel
  • Download the channel
  • Create the channel account
  • Activate and launch the channel on the Roku

Steps to Activate the Disney+ on Roku TV

  • Before processing with the activation steps check that your Roku streaming player is compatible with the Disney+ channel
  • First login to the Roku account using the user name and the password
  • After completing the login steps, navigate to the channel store on the Roku
  • Enter the Disney+ on the search bar
  • Once the search is complete, proceed with the add channel option
  • After the download, enter the channel
  • You will be asked to create the channel account
  • Enter the required credentials and create the channel account
  • After the channel account creation, you will receive the channel activation code
  • Browse to the channel page on the mobile
  • Enter the activation code, and activate the account
  • The screen will prompt you to complete the payment processing
  • Proceed with the payment steps and activate the channel
  • After completing all the steps, refresh the home page and check that the channel is available on your Roku

For further details get on Disney Plus on Roku get in touch with our customer support team @ +1-855-626-1730 or visit Roku.com/link.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does it cost to watch the Disney+?

Yes, you need to process with the subscription amount to watch the Disney+. but it’s free to download the Disney+

2. Why the Disney+ channel is not working on the Roku?

Before launching the Disney+ channel on the Roku, make sure that the Disney+ channel is compatible with your Roku device

3. What can i do if my Disney+ is not working?

Check that the network connection is stable while streaming. Restart your router and try to connect it again. Try to check that Disney+ is working. If not it is better to uninstall the application and reinstall it on your Roku

4. Whether there is any free trial available on the Disney+?

Yes there is the free trial for 7 days and after the free trial you need to pay the subscription amount to watch the channel

5. Does Disney+ is available on the mobile device?

Yes, Disney+ is available on both the android and iOS devices. You can install the application and enjoy the series and shows on the Disney+