All about Roku Streaming Stick you should know

The Roku Streaming Stick is a mind-boggling entertainment device on the field from 2017. With options to voice command and control, the Roku Streaming stick is portable and easy to use. Bundled up with 4K smart TV, the Roku Streaming stick gives its best at HDR performance. The voice control remote allows you to access both the device and TV volume option. Here you will see a clear description about how to connect Roku Streaming Stick to WiFi Without Remote

Specs of Roku Streaming Stick

  1. Audio Support – Dolby Audio
  2. Resolution – 1920*1080
  3. Network connection – 802.11ac
  4. Processor – Quadcore

Available for just $50, the Roku Streaming Stick is quite efficient than its predecessors.

Roku to WiFi Without Remote

Setting up your Roku Streaming Stick on Wireless Network with remote

Here are some of the quick and easy guidelines to perform the Roku wireless setup with the remote:

  1. Turn on your TV and the Roku remote then start connecting them to the correct HDMI port
  2. Go to Roku HOME screen and start choosing Settings> Network > Wireless or WiFi Network
  3. A wireless network list appears on the screen
  4. Choose the correct name from the list
  5. Place your Roku streaming stick close to the router for good signal strength
  6. Type in the correct username and password, with its SSID and network passwords (either WEP or WPA)
Note: Enter the password with care since the passwords are case sensitive.
  1. Proceed with the onscreen prompts to complete the Roku wireless setup
  2. Look for the green check mark on the screen
  3. This indicates the successful connection of your Roku streaming device

For issues with connecting the Roku streaming device to the wireless network:

  • Check your wireless network settings and make sure it is correct

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Connect Roku Streaming Stick to Wi-Fi without remote

All basic Roku procedures would need a working Roku remote to pitch your device over the wireless network. Only after the entire setup and pitch up process, you can access your Roku using the Roku mobile app. You also have options to access the stick through certain universal remotes, in case you have lost the original Roku remote. Only after, the Roku Streaming Stick is pitched on an active wireless network, you can access your stick using Roku mobile App. Connect Roku Streaming Stick to WiFi without remote by updating the Roku Mobile App now and then when there is a new version available.

Solutions to work out when you are facing issues with your Roku remote

  1. In case, your remote is not working, try to re-sync the Roku remote back again with the stick. The other simplest way is to change into a new set of batteries and re-sync it again.
  2. Look out for the possible replacing remote that is suitable for Roku Streaming Stick.

For further commercial usage, you can make use of the Roku mobile App, which acts a substitute to your remote with a headphone jack.

Roku Mobile App

The Roku mobile app has all the capabilities of a remote and lets you toggle between the channels and control the volume. The mobile app of Roku can be procured from Play Store on Android mobiles and App store on iOS mobiles. Sync with your Roku device by giving in your Roku account and its credentials, securing up the app on the same wireless network.

Adding more to that, you will have a headphone attached to your mobile, which your Roku Streaming Stick remote doesn’t have.

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