How to Add a Channel to Roku

You can add a channel to Roku directly, using a web browser or using a mobile app.

Adding channels on the Roku streaming device is very simple. It as simple as adding an app to your smartphone from the app store, you can find the channels on your Roku streaming device at the channel store. Roku offers tons of free channels. They also have channels where you will have to pay for the subscription.

  • You can add channels directly from your Roku device.
  • Use the web browser on your system/laptop to add the channel.
  • Mobile apps are available using which you can add the channels.

How to Add a Channel to Roku

Adding channels through Roku device:

  • To add a channel to Roku through the device itself:
    • Use the Roku remote to add channels to your Roku device.
    • Press the home button to open the Roku menu on your Streaming device.
    • Navigate using the arrows in the remote to browse through the menu.
    • Choose the streaming channels.
    • You can see the channel store
    • You can find tabs on the channel store which features new and popular categories of the videos.
    • Search using the keywords like movie name, actor name, director or genres in the search channels
    • Skip to next page or move back to the previous page using the forward and backward key on the Roku remote.

Selecting a channel:

  • After you select it, you can add a channel to Roku
    • For this, press the Ok button on the Roku remote to know details about the channel.
    • You can also view the ratings for the channel along with the screenshot.
    • If a channel is free, simply click on add channel and it will be added to your Roku device (
    • Purchase the channel if the channel is paid.
    • Update your payment information if your payment information is outdated.

Adding the channels using the Roku mobile app:

  • Download the Roku app on to your mobile device.
  • Open the app.
  • Look for the channels icon on your mobile app.
  • From the channels tab click on the channel store from the menu.
  • Search for the channel using the standard keywords
  • To add a channel to Roku
    • Choose a channel and view all the information about it
    • If you want to add the channel, choose the channel and click on Add channel
    • Follow the instructions that come on the screen and complete adding/purchasing the channel.

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