Hook up Roku 2 to TV Without HDMI

In the case of an absence of the contemporary HDMI TV, users have to know how to hook up Roku 2 to TV without HDMI for a seamless viewing experience, since traditional TVs do not have an HDMI port. As a substitute, you can make use of a composite converter to connect the Roku 2 media player with your TV. You can call our agents for the following instructions:

Connecting The Converter To The Tv 

  • Unpack the composite converter (HDMI to AV converter)
  • Use the power cable and the power adapter to connect the converter to a power source
  • There is a composite cable port in the converter
  • Make use of this port (the red, white and yellow colors)to establish a connection between your television set and the converter

Roku 2 to TV Without HDMI

Connecting The Converter To The Roku 2

  • There is an HDMI out port in the converter
  • Use a high-speed HDMI cable to establish a connection between the converter and the Roku 2 media player (Roku.com/link)
  • Ensure that your media player is compatible with the converter before making a purchase
  • Change the aspect ratio of your Roku 2 media player to 4:3, if your TV has an aspect ratio of 4:3

Connecting The Roku 2 To The Router

  • Also, make sure that you connect the streaming media player to the router using a wired or wireless connection
  • If it is wired connection, then make use of an Ethernet cable otherwise the wireless only requires you to use a network connection with a password

Once you have learnt how to hook up Roku 2 to tv without HDMI, you must activate the device

Activating The Device

  • Turn ON all the connected devices such as the television, Roku 2 and the router
  • When a network connection I established, the media player will automatically update its own operating system
  • After completion of this process, the Roku 2 will display an activation code via the TV’s display screen
  • Note down this alphanumeric code
  • This code is valid only for a certain period of time after which it will expire
  • So, use the code to activate your device at the earliest
  • For activation, you will need a Roku account to which you can link your device
  • Create a new account or use an existing one
  • Log into this account and in the home screen you will find the LINK A DEVICE option
  • Select this option and you will be redirected to another screen
  • Here, enter the activation code to complete the linking process
  • Once the Roku 2 is activated, you can add any number of channels to this device

Using the above techniques and with our backend team’s guided instructions you will know how to hook up Roku 2 to TV without HDMI. For more information about how to Hook up Roku 2 to TV without HDMI call our toll-free number +1-855-626-1730