Find Movies and TV Shows Using Roku Search

Roku is a very vast library with thousands of channels spreading across different genres. But how do you find movies and TV shows from a wide selection of channels? Roku has a solution for this and it is called the Roku search.  These search results are retrieved from over 500 channels (both paid and free). Besides, the search will also fetch content from cable (over-the-air) channels.

How to make use of this search function?

  • In the first place, you need the Roku remote or the mobile app to access this search function.
  • In case you have the advanced remote, use the voice search feature instead.
  • Search movies or TV shows on the basis of title, director or actor.
  • Moreover, these results are unbiased and are listed depending on the channel cost.

Note: The channels will however, differ depending on its availability in your region.

Using the Roku remote

When you use a standard Roku remote, make use of the on-screen keyboard to complete the search. Here are the steps to access the feature on your device.

  • Turn on your Roku and select the HOME button on your remote
  • Use the arrow keys and navigate to the SEARCH menu option
  • Once you key in your query, the interface will auto-populate the search results
  • Choose a channel or an app and wait for the menu options to appear
  • If it is a new channel (stand-alone), then you will see a prompt to add the channel
  • In case, it is an over-the-air channel, then the Roku will automatically switch to your antenna input

When you face difficulties in locating certain channels give us a call us for assistance.

Using the mobile app

The mobile app is available for Android, iOS and Amazon devices. Furthermore, you can also install the app on your PC and use it as a remote to control the Roku.

  • Download and install the app from the respective application store of your device
  • You can either use the What’s On or the Channels menu for searching content
  • These menu options are present in the bottom of the screen
  • Alternatively, you can also use the Search menu directly
  • Type in the name of the movie or the TV show that you are searching for
  • Relevant results will appear on your display screen from which you can make a choice
  • Depending on your selection, you will either have to add a new channel or key in the username or password of your channel provider

Visit our website Roku com link for assistance in adding an over-the-air channel to your Roku streaming player.

Using the voice search

Make use of the voice search with an Enhanced remote or with the Roku mobile app to locate a channel.The main advantage of using this feature is that you can use conversational phrases to complete the search.

  • If it is an Enhanced remote, then make use of the microphone symbol on your remote
  • While holding the button, use voice commands to search for specific movies or TV shows
  • Similarly, when using the mobile app, go to the SEARCH page to use voice search
  • This is depicted using a small microphone symbol on the right corner of the search box

NOTE: Make sure you speak clearly while giving any voice commands. Also, speak at a normal volume so that the device can register your command.