Does Roku 2 have YouTube?

Roku allows you to watch all your favorite videos both paid or free through a series of channels. YouTube is also a channel available on Roku’s channel store. Does Roku 2 have YouTube? The Answer is YES. Most of the Roku devices have access to the YouTube channel. All current-gen Roku devices support YouTube after the latest update. This means every Roku device available will support or have YouTube in them.

Where does Roku 2 have YouTube?

  • Click and open the channel store section on your Roku device. Click on the Home button on your Roku remote and you can find the channel store if you browse up and down.
  • When you click on the Top Free option you will get a list of free channels. Select YouTube from the channels listed.
  • You can see YouTube channel and below that, it shows its Free. You will see the user rating also below it.
  • Click on Add Channel. Your Roku device will download YouTube and it will get added to your channel list. You will have to wait for few minutes for that.
  • Click on Go to Channel to open YouTube. You can instead return to your Roku home to access the YouTube from the home page. After the home page is opened click on YouTube from My channels

Does Roku 2 have YouTube

Does Roku 2 have YouTube installation process?

  • After connecting your Mobile phone or tablet to your Roku TV you can search for a video and play it on your Roku device (
  • Click on the cast button which is like a TV icon on the corner of the YouTube.
  • When you click on the TV icon which is the Cast button you can see the list of active devices to send the video to. Select your Roku Device from the list.
  • Start playing videos on your mobile device and it will start playing on the Roku TV. You can control playback on your mobile device itself. You can search videos and play it from your mobile device as it gets screened on your Roku TV.

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