Searching Made Simpler With Voice To Search

Voice search on Roku:

Roku is a popular streaming device with numerous contents to look. Search for your favorite content using the Roku remote from the Roku channel store. Now searching is even more simple than before. Command and control your Roku device using voice search to stream the content you are looking for.

Roku Remote/ Roku App for voice search:

You can use your voice and very simple commands to control your Roku device. Use the Roku Enhanced remote that has the voice search feature or the Roku App on your mobile to search and control Roku device. for example, “Show me movies with Tom Hanks” or “Launch Hulu” can help you find all the movies of Tom Hanks or launch the Hulu channel.

What is Roku App and how to install it?

The free Roku mobile app is your ultimate streaming companion. Control your Roku device, plus get more fun features to make streaming easier than ever. Use your Phone and control the Roku streaming device and search for channels in a snap.

How to check if your remote has voice search feature?

The Roku Enhanced remote with voice search is available only for certain models on Roku devices. If you have a magnifying glass on the remote, then the remote is not a Roku Enhanced remote and does not support voice search. Instead, if it has a Microphone icon, then that one is a Roku enhanced remote with has the voice support feature.

If your remote does not have the voice search feature, then you can purchase the remote from the Roku accessories store.

Can I Turn ON/OFF my Roku device?

The Answer is YES!! You can say something like, “Power on” or “Turn Off” to turn ON/OFF your Roku device. To enable this, you should first enable the Fast TV Start feature on the device. you can enable the feature with simple steps as follows

  • Click on settings on your Roku device.
  • Choose System from the Settings menu.
  • Select Power and then select Fast TV Start from the Power menu.

What can you do with the voice search:

You can perform all the following searches with the voice search feature.

Launch a streaming channel:

  • “Hulu”
  • “Go to Amazon”
  • “Launch HBO Now”
  • “Netflix”

Search for the actor name:

  • “Find all Martin Scorsese films”
  • “Halle Berry”
  • “Search for comedy movies with Will Ferrell”

You can search any content you want based on the genre, director’s name, or more.

Voice search with the Roku Enhanced remote:

  • Take the remote in your hand with the buttons facing the top.
  • Place your remote 6 inches away from your mouth and point it upwards.
  • Press the Microphone button you find on the remote to do the voice search.
  • With the button pressing down, speak at a normal volume and release the button after you complete.
  • Your Roku streaming device will execute your command.

If your voice command is not recognized properly, keep following the set of instructions that you see on the screen. Speak clearly with a normal tone

Voice search with the Roku mobile App:

Search for your favorite content at ease using the voice search feature on your mobile with the Roku mobile App. You can go to channels and see what’s on or you can use the Roku remote in the Roku App to perform the voice search.

How to search using Channels and What’s On:

  • On the bottom of the Roku App, you will find What’s on or Channels. Tap that to open it.
  • After the channels page open, press the magnifying glass you will find on the top of the screen to start searching.
  • On the search text box, you will find the microphone, press and hold that to initiate the voice search.
    Note: When you receive a prompt to grant permission to access the microphone, confirm it.
  • Speak clearly into your mobile device with a normal volume.
  • After you complete, tap in the middle of the screen.


  • From the Roku App, Tap on Remote from the bottom of the screen.
  • Find the microphone icon in the App, click it.
  • Speak clearly in a normal volume and tap in the middle of the screen after you complete.

Note: If you are using the Voice search phone for the first time, you will receive a prompt asking for permission to use the microphone. Confirm it to use voice search and control your Roku device.

For more information on how to control your Roku device using voice search, visit Roku com link. you can also call us for any difficulties you face with using the voice search feature.