Can a Roku Stick be Used on a Regular TV

Most users would like to know can a Roku stick be used on a regular TV. With a Roku device to stream the latest hits, it is absolutely easy to do this. Check with our tech experts who shall help you with the same.

Roku Stick on Regular TV

There are few conditions to satisfy before you make your TV into a smart one!

  • Any Roku Streaming Stick does work only on a TV which has the HDMI port.
  • By HDMI port, we are referring to MHL enhanced ones which are the HDMI ports that can be connected to your TV set!
  • If you want to know if your TV contains the HDMI port, simply take a look at your HDMI port to see the letters MHL printed.
  • Another point to note is that, MHL is quite much available only in the recent television technology.
  • So, Roku TVs which are of recent models, which are purchased recently, can clearly stream through your HDMI ports.Many users buy the Roku device and then feel the disappointment when the device does not fit with their TV!
  • You should definitely check if your TV is outdated to use the Roku streaming player.
  • If an outdated model version is used, the TV software might not be quite compatible with Roku software.
  • The newly introduced Smart TVs have their own software interface which comes with their own apps, which come preloaded when you are using a new TV! (

Choices available for the user

  • If your Roku player doesn’t fit with the old TV, try getting new TV!
  • Since effective and new features are available in Roku, it might be quite worthwhile to invest in such devices! However, if your TV is working fine, you can always carry on with it.

Thought the current Smart TVs come loaded with many apps, it lacks the smoothness and effectiveness of a Roku player. For any assistance on “can a Roku stick be used on a regular TV ” call our tech experts who shall assist you and help you with troubleshooting at our toll-free lines at +1-855-626-1730.