The Best Roku Streaming Music Channels

The best Roku streaming music channels is an all-encompassing digital radio service that lets you browse, add and listen to your favorite tunes. Find the latest numbers as well as some nostalgic classics from the range of channels that Roku has to offer.

Country Music

  • If you are a lover of country music, then we would suggest a couple of channels for your liking
  • Classic Country Music, The Country Music Channel, All Country are some famous channels that stream live concerts of great legends and upcoming musicians
  • Stream some of your favorites like Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton and have some great time with your old buddies

Best Roku Streaming Music Channels

Hip Hop

  • If Hip-hop is your kind of music, then here are some awesome channels that are here to pump up the beats
  • Pandora, Vevo, iHeart Radio, TuneIn Radio and Baeble Music are great channels to subscribe to if you are planning a weekend party at home
  • Impress your friends with the latest and best Roku streaming music collections now

Regional Music

  • Looking for some regional music?
  • Then subscribe to channels like Musica Latina, Camer Music, and MusicaCumbia to experience music from other parts of the world
  • You definitely don’t have to understand the language to appreciate good music

Music channels for kids

  • Enjoy music with your kids by subscribing to the following channels
  • All Karaoke Music Channel, Patty Shukla kids Music and Sony Music for Babies are sure to keep your kids glued to your TV screens
  • Let your kids sing their favorite songs along with their pals on the All Karaoke Music Channel for you might one day discover a hidden Celine Dione or Justin Bieber in them
  • With these best Roku streaming music channels you will no longer be short of entertainment

Channels hosting Independent music

  • Independent music has been dominating the music scene for a few decades now and some channels have made it a point only to telecast such musicians and their work
  • If you are someone curious to know what’s happening in the field of independent music, then subscribe to IndiMusic TV Free and Indie Music Scene

Setup and activate your Roku device to add these best Roku streaming music channels to your Roku account ( Some of these channels are free and a few others are paid channels. You can set up your payment information while creating a Roku account and avoid the risk of providing confidential information to third-party channels. For more information, call our toll-free number +1-855-626-1730.