Adding Some Of The Best Roku Private Channels

It is an added advantage that Roku devices support some of the best Roku private channels. Each private channel is associated with a channel code. Besides, make use of the code to add the channel to your Roku account.

How to add private channels?

  • First, open the Roku account associated with your current streaming device
  • However, obtain the channel code for each of the private channels separately

Note: Fetch this code either from the channel provider or from our website. Alternatively, give a call on our toll-free support number to get a code for any Roku private channel.

  • Next, access the ADD A CHANNEL option in your Roku account (
  • And then, enter the corresponding channel code in the text box
  • To add the best Roku private channels:
    • Subsequently, choose the ADD CHANNEL option on your screen
    • Then, check if the channel is present in all the associated devices
    • Otherwise, refresh each of the devices associated with the account separately
    • Go to the settings menu and choose the SYSTEMS option
    • Then, use the SYSTEM UPDATE followed by the CHECK NOW menu option
    • Finally, provide your card or PayPal account details to complete the purchase

List of best Roku private channels

The following is a list of the most popular private channels. Besides, all Roku devices support these channels.

iTunes Podcasts

  • Surprisingly, the iTunes Podcasts is one of the widely accessed music platforms
  • Then, add the channel using the channel code “ITPC”
  • Moreover, it supports features like favorites, multiple filters, and playback recall

Saveur Magazine

  • Make use of this private channel to access the best cooking tips and culinary recipes
  • Also, lay your hands on the wide video content of the channel
  • However, this is a subscription channel

Nowhere TV

  • Stay in touch with home with channels from across the globe
  • Also, watch live TV and on-demand content on a pay per view basis
  • And, add this channel to the code H9DWC


  • The FilmOn private channel is the biggest database for global content
  • Additionally, watch live TV and then, record it for up to 60 minutes
  • Moreover, it also has on-demand content only for Roku users
  • Call our toll free support number for this channel code

Popular Science

  • This is one of the coolest private channels available to stream on Roku devices
  • Uniquely, the channel telecasts interesting development in the scientific world
  • It is an equally important channel that should be a part of your Roku account

For any queries on the best Roku private channels, call our associates through the toll-free number.