Guide for the Best Private Roku Channels and How to Install them

You can go through this blog as a guide for the best private Roku channels and how to install them. The Roku is one of the best streaming devices available on the market. They offer a wide range of channels to choose from. All your favorite TV shows, movies and many more live broadcasts are just one click away. The player also has a wide variety of Private channels which is not listed on the channel store. Private channels are part of the Roku channel store and not displayed publicly.

Reasons for Roku’s private channel classification:

  • The content of the channels may be for adults only
  • It is in the beta version and only for trial purpose
  • They do not have any official app – these are third-party apps.

 You cannot find these channels on the channel store by simply searching for it using your Roku remote.

What are the best Private Roku channels and how to install them?

Roku has hundreds of private channels. Among them, the best are listed below. To watch all the following channels you should download the Nowhere TV.

Best Private Roku channels

List of channels:

  • Bloomberg News Live which delivers business and markets news.
  • John Green’s Crash Course is an education based channel.
  • NBC Nightly News and CBS News archives for up to date news.
  • TED Talks spreads ideas in the form of short powerful talks.
  • International news from Al Jazeera (English, American, and Arabic), BBC, and CNN International for all the news updates.
  • Adult Swim shows are adult-oriented night time program.
  • PBS to watch all your favorite PBS shows, music and arts.
  • Universal Sports Network for all the lifestyle sports with exclusive coverage of world-class competitions.

There so many more such channels offered by the Nowhere TV. You can also enjoy gardening, cooking episodes. Spirituality sub channels are also available.

How to install:

  • Visit the Roku website from your laptop or computer.
  • Provide your Roku login credentials and login to your account.
  • Go to my account (
  • You can click on Add channel under manage account.
  • After you enter the add channel page provide the channel code you want to add
  • Click on Add channel.
  • After you install your channel go to your Roku device
  • Refresh the device for the added channel to get reflected on to your channel list.
  • Roku will update it automatically every 24 hours.

You can also update it manually by going to settings ->system -> System Update.

This blog would have given you an idea about the best private Roku channels and how to install them. Visit our website or contact our customer care at +1-855-626-1730 executives to know more details on the best private Roku channels and how to install them.