Best Halloween Movies on Netflix

Planning to host a spooky Halloween party at home and looking forward to impressing your friends. Then, look forward to these Best Halloween movies on Netflix and how you can activate the channel on your Roku.

Best Halloween Movies on Netflix

The Movies list

The shining

By and far, this is one of the best horror films in the past decade with great performances from all the lead actors. Story, screenplay and meticulous filmmaking are all contributing factors to this movie’s success. Watch it on Netflix this Halloween and if you don’t already have the channel, then we’ll help you out with its activation.

It Follows

A very peculiar story which involves a girl and her boyfriend and how an evil force plays into their lives. An unsettling horror movie that must be watched this Halloween in case you have invited your friends over.

The Sixth Sense

One of best horror movies of all times, you must watch this one if you have not already done so. Manoj Night Shyamalan and his unique script has won him many accolades for this movie. And the spell-binding performances from the lead characters make the movie what it is today.

The Conjuring

Set in the old-age era, this one is based on true-life incidents and has a very eerie color to it. If you are planning to watch this movie, make sure you have a gang of mates around you. Because, watching this movie alone is not so advisable if you are someone weak at heart.


Most of us must have heard about this movie but not really had the chance to watch it. If that is your case, then, we suggest that you get going with a Netflix subscription. So that, you will be able to not only stream this one, but also other best Halloween movies on Netflix. This one is a story of a teenager who happens to fool around with a Ouija board on a certain eclipse.


Another creepy story to add to your list is this one which revolves around a deaf writer and her encounter with a masked murderer. Kate Siegel’s performance in this flick is outstanding and you must watch this movie at least for her. Gather your friends this Halloween and get ready to be spooked by this and many other similar movies on the Netflix channel.

So how do you add Netflix?


Activating Netflix to your Roku is an easy task because, it is a default app on most Roku players. In case, you are unable to locate the app on your device or account, then we suggest you follow these guidelines.

  • Go to the Streaming Channels option
  • And then, navigate to the MOVIES AND TV genre
  • Search for the Netflix channel
  • Once you find it, add it
  • And wait for the activation to stream the best Halloween movies on Netflix


  • First of all, you need a create an Roku account for the channel
  • For which, you must visit their website
  • Now, after creating an account, choose a plan
  • You can choose between a monthly plan or a yearly plan
  • Accordingly, the subscription cost will vary
  • Make a payment towards this
  • After which, you get access to the channel and all its content
  • Remember that the channel also offers a free trial period
  • Choose this option if you do not want a long-term bond with the channel

But we bet that you will continue your subscription automatically when this one-month period of free streaming gets over.

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