Apple TV vs Roku 4 vs Amazon fire vs Chromecast

Check this article to get some insights on the Apple TV vs Roku 4 vs amazon fire vs Chromecast, a comparative article to get you some clear ideas on which device you should buy!

Let’s take a look at the Apple TV vs Roku 4 product features:

  • Both the products are good for streaming Netflix, and also offer TV, Vimeo, Flickr, NBA League Pass, and general Internet radio.
  • The Apple TV doesn’t support the Mediafly which is actually a podcast aggregator available on Roku.
  • In both the Apple TV and the Roku 4, you tend to find easy access to mainstream both the audio and video podcast.
  • Apple TV and the Roku 4 players offer a lot of additional programming options for streaming.
  • Compared to the Apple TV, Roku 4 offers the best of both worlds, subscription and free channel viewability.
  • If you want to use pay channels, always opt for the Netflix and Hulu at a subscription channel at the low subscription price.
  • When we look at the content management, Roku has diverse programming options when compared to the Apple TV (
  • Roku 4 is more advantageous as they will work with even non-HD TVs, unlike the Apple TVs.
  • Some of the basic Roku channels are not available in the Apple TV platform.
  • Since Roku 4 doesn’t offer AirPlay support, it is difficult to stream audio or video files from your laptop to the Roku player.
  • For Apple TV, check with the airplay. Airplay is awesome as users can stream the audio, photos, and also Apple handhelds to the TV screen.
  • Like Roku, Apple TV has the screen mirroring option.
  • If content variety is your choice, you can choose the Roku players.
  • If you are a fan of the Apple platform, you will be happy and comfortable with an Apple TV.
  • The Watch now features which is introduced in the Apple TV has the same function as the Roku Feed, which displays a summary of the TV shows and movies that are about to get featured.
  • If you love screensavers, Apple TV has stunning screensavers, while compared to Roku streaming players.

Apple TV vs Roku 4 vs Amazon fire vs Chromecast

The functionality of the remote:

    • When remote functionality is the concern, Roku is the winner owing to the simple interface and the basics done right, better than the Apple TV remote.
  • A collaboration of the Siri’s to the Apple TV is purely brilliant and definitely figures as a plus point.
  • When personal assistance is subject to concern, there is no personal assistant installed yet with Roku.
  • AirPlay feature makes your Apple TV experience enhanced with interesting apps and games. Well, if you are a Roku user, resort to the Channel store.

Difference between the Amazon Fire vs Chromecast:

  • The Chromecast is not exactly a standalone product, and is more of a service.
  • With the Chromecast, you will be able to mirror your device’s display. Try casting the videos or photos images from PC or maybe even Netflix on to your big screen.
  • The Amazon Firestick is a complete package by itself, with the option to install loads of channel apps with its own Bluetooth remote.
  • There is no interface present with the Chromecast, hence the navigation is done on your device and not on your TV.
  • The Amazon fire gets you a control pad for easy navigation, and buttons for playback and also for voice search.
  • The search field with the Amazon fire is impressive, along with voice query for content.
  • While the Chromecast uses the Google Home app for both Android and iOS, the distinct search option is yet to be incorporated.
  • Both the Chromecast and Fire TV Stick clocks an output of 1080p, with a decent loading of apps and quick and effortless streaming.

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