Add New Roku to Windows 10 to list of Devices

You can easily add new Roku to windows 10 to list of devices, thanks to the Roku mobile app which was released exclusively for Windows 10 Laptops and Tablets a year back! Now, this gives access to all the Windows 10 devices!

Roku to Windows 10

By using the Roku app, users can now have the advantage of controlling their Roku device through Windows devices!

  • The Roku app has the Cortana support as well for all the Windows 10 devices (
  • The new Homepage feature brilliantly provides super quick access to the “My Channels” list which is available on Roku.
  • There is an increasing number of Windows 10 devices which currently supports both point-and-click and the gesture navigation for efficient browsing of streaming content.
  • Add new Roku to windows 10 to list of devices and easily navigate to the Roku device with your Windows tablet or PC.
  • The channels are just one click away, with the new Roku app.
  • The feature of the My Channels list to the interface is helping users to quickly switch between channels on the Roku platform.
  • Content management is one of the strong points of Roku, as searching for content could not be made easier.
  • The Roku Search is highly brilliant in offering an easy way to find the content to stream.
  • With the Windows 10 device, the Cortana integration is done on the Roku app, so searching for content on Roku is made even easier.
  • The Roku app experience highlights the “Play on Roku” feature to be one of its best features.
  • Add new Roku to windows 10 to list of devices and let the feature cast your photos and music files on big screen, through the Roku device!
  • You will need to select the photos and music or the folder which it contains, and play the content for viewing on TV.
  • The Roku app for the list of the Windows 10 devices is available in the U.S. which can be downloaded through the Windows app store!
  • The app is expected to be made available internationally soon, with more enhanced and added features!

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